Our Approach

We take great pride in being a responsible global citizen. We work hard to strike the right balance by focusing on economic sustainability, continuous improvement, the safe delivery of needed energy and reducing our environmental impact.

We do all of this while striving to strengthen the communities where we operate, together with the people who live there and all our stakeholders.

What We’re Doing

Strathcona is continuously seeking ways to improve our sustainability performance as our operations continue to grow.

Emissions Reduction

We are committed to taking appropriate actions to enhance our sustainable, low-cost producer position.

Our approach to emission reduction reflects our understanding of the needs of our environment and shared climate objectives. For example, our Lindbergh site has added high-efficiency cogeneration, allowing this facility to generate high-quality steam and electricity, improving the site’s overall energy efficiency and GHG emission intensity by 5%.

We are continuing to advance clean technologies focused on emissions reductions projects including carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) projects in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.  We have been the recipient of both federal and provincial funding to support these advancements.

Reclamation & Asset Retirement

We are dedicated to minimizing the impact of our operations on surrounding ecology and reducing environmental disturbance through each stage of design and development.

Our commitment to responsible operations also includes active lifecycle management of our assets and restoring land to its original capability. We continually assess and proactively manage end-of-life obligations for our wells, facilities and pipelines. Strathcona has committed $30 – $40 million to ensuring responsible well and site closures in 2023 alone.

Workplace Health & Safety

There is nothing more important to Strathcona than the safety of our people. As our operations continue to expand, the health and safety of our employees, contractors and community partners remains a top priority. Leadership participates in regular field visits, reinforcing the importance of safety throughout our operations as they continue to grow.

Our health and safety management system helps cultivate a safety mindset throughout our operations. This set of policies, procedures, standards and practices specify the rules and responsibilities that guide our employees, contractors, consultants and service providers to safe and sustainable workplace practices.

Indigenous Relations

The best way we can support Indigenous communities is through inclusion and working together toward shared goals.

Strathcona has built trusting and enduring relationships with Indigenous communities near our operations through meaningful consultation, community engagement, training and employment, procurement and education.

Momentum Indigenous Scholarship

Our Momentum Indigenous Scholarship recognizes Indigenous students pursuing their passion through education, post-secondary and skilled trades alike. Honouring driven and community-minded students each year with a $5000 scholarship, this award celebrates positive contributions made in classrooms and in communities.

See our Momentum Indigenous Scholarship

Community Investment

Strathcona sets out to build community partnerships that remove barriers and create opportunities for all in the communities where we operate. Our priority giving areas include:

  • Sport & Performing Arts
  • Education
  • Community

If you are a Canadian charity or non-profit organization and have an initiative that aligns with our strategy, apply for funding here.

To ensure the initiatives we support help meet the unique local needs of each community, Strathcona has five regional committees that evaluate donation requests, plan volunteer opportunities and coordinate regional social initiatives.

Over and above our corporate giving, Strathcona works to support the causes our employees care about by offering donation matching and volunteer rewards.


Our sustainability activities are underpinned by strong governance practices which allow for the provision of strategic guidance and oversight to business plans, risk management and sustainability-related matters. Through this strong governance, we continue to make sound business decisions, build stakeholder trust and exemplify Strathcona’s values.