Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the 2024 Momentum Indigenous Scholarship (the “Award“) awarded by Strathcona Resources Ltd. (“Strathcona“). By submitting an Award application form to Strathcona you (an “Applicant“) acknowledge and agree that you have read, and that the Award will be subject to, these Terms and Conditions.

Scholarship Details

Strathcona will award up to twelve (12) scholarships in the amount of CAD $5000 each to eligible Applicant whose Application (as defined below) meets the submission requirements. Strathcona may, at any time in their sole discretion, disqualify an Applicant who does not meet the entrant eligibility requirements or the submission requirements.

Entrant Eligibility Requirements

At the time of their application, each Applicant must be:

  • the age of majority or have permission from a parent or legal guardian to participate;
  • a member of an Indigenous Community near one of Strathcona’s operating areas in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan as set forth on Strathcona’s website from time to time (“Operating Areas“); and
  • enrolled in or have been accepted to attend an accredited post-secondary institution in a full-time program (as defined by the applicable post-secondary institution) leading to a recognized degree, diploma or trade for the upcoming academic year.

Past recipients of the Award may re-apply, as long as they still meet all entrant eligibility requirements.

Strathcona reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether an Applicant meets the entrant eligibility requirements.

Submission Requirements

An application for the Award (each, an “Application“) will be considered if it meets the following requirements:

  • submitted a completed application form online;
    • Only online applications will be considered for the Award.
  • signed consent form from a parent or legal guardian (if under the age of majority);
  • includes a maximum of two (2) references;
    • One academic reference and one character reference is preferred;
    • References should not be a friend or relative of the Applicant;
  • proof of acceptance (or enrolment) in an accredited post-secondary or apprenticeship training program on a full-time basis (as defined by the applicable post-secondary institution) for the 2022-2023 regular academic year;
  • transcript for the most recently completed regular academic year; and
  • a document demonstrating membership in an Indigenous community near Strathcona’s Operating Areas.

Each attachment must have a .jpg, .pdf or .doc extension.

All personal and other information requested by and supplied to Strathcona for the purpose of the Application process must be truthful, complete, accurate and in no way misleading.

Strathcona shall have the right at any time to request proof of identity and/or eligibility documentation to disburse the Award. Failure to provide such proof may result in disqualification.

Application Period

The application period begins at 8:00 AM Tuesday, April 2, 2024 and closes at 5:00 PM Friday, June 16, 2024 (“Deadline“). Applications must be received via the online application within this period to be eligible for consideration.

Selection Process and Notification

A selection committee comprised of Strathcona employees will meet after the Deadline to review all Applications and to select the recipients of the Award (“Recipients“). Selection will be based on eligibility and decision criteria including:

  • Clear educational goals, motivation to succeed and plans to make an impact post-graduation.
  • Commitment to community, cultural values and being a positive role model for others.
  • Connection to communities proximal to Strathcona’s operations and potential for future local employment.
  • Merit, including academic record and strong references.

The selection committee of Strathcona reserves the right to render a final determination of the Award Recipients.

Privacy/Use of Personal Information

Each Applicant (a) grants to Strathcona the right to use the information provided in the Application including Personal and Contact Information, Academic Information and Biographical Information for the purpose of administering the selection process, including but not limited to contacting and announcing the Recipients; (b) grants to Strathcona the right to use the information provided in the Application for publicity and promotional purposes relating to the Award, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, without further compensation except to the extent prohibited by law; and (c) acknowledges that Strathcona may disclose information provided within the Application to third-party agents and service providers in connection with any of the activities listed above. Strathcona will use the information provided in the Application only for the identified purposes, and protect the information provided in the Application in a manner that is consistent with Strathcona Resources’s Privacy Policy.

Deferral of an Award

Requests for deferral of the Award are considered individually and granted at the sole discretion of Strathcona.

Modifications, Amendments and Cancellations of the Award

Strathcona reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, amend or cancel an Award at any time without notice. Strathcona retains full discretion to make all decisions on the awarding of the Award and the administration of the terms and conditions of the Award. By applying for an Award, each Applicant agrees that they will have no claim against Strathcona on the basis of the failure to grant an Award, Strathcona’s evaluation of Applications, or the modification, amendment or revocation of an Award.

Rescinding an Award

Strathcona may rescind an Award if the Recipient:

  • fails to meet the eligibility criteria of the Award;
  • has been suspended or excluded from a school or course of study;
  • has provided incorrect, false or misleading information or withheld relevant information in the Application or after receiving an Award; or
  • engages in conduct that is inconsistent with Strathcona’s values or workplace policies, or conduct that, in the opinion of Strathcona, in its sole discretion, could bring the program or Strathcona into disrepute.

If an Award is rescinded, cancelled or modified, Strathcona will have the right to require the Recipient to repay amounts advanced up to the value of the Award.


All Recipients are responsible for informing themselves of the tax implications of receiving the Award.


  • The likelihood of receiving the Award is dependent on the number of Applications.
  • Strathcona will not return or destroy any of the documentation submitted. Each Applicant should retain a copy of their Application and documents for their records.
  • Strathcona is not responsible for lost Applications.
  • If any action is required to be taken falls on a weekend or statutory holiday in Canada, such action shall be made or taken on the next business day.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Alberta and the applicable laws of Canada.